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Swedish people & their weird traditions

A swede is a person like no other in terms that they eat, breath, sleep, BUT that’s pretty much all that is similar to other human beings. The swede has traditions not found anywhere else. They are a proud people with great love for their country, but keeping it modest is what they are all about.

Here you can learn what shapes a swede. What makes them go bananas and what makes them more loveable than anything else.

A lesson in Swedish :)

This short lesson in Swedish vocabulary started circulating on Facebook. A useful tool for any visitor ;)

A lesson in Swedish

Copenhagen came through

A weekend in Denmark’s capital gave us at the swede a good look at what other nationalities think of swedish people. For instance, a german glühwein-selling girl named Anna thought they were tall. Anita from Colorado think the swedish language is like a song, and she meant that in the US they think all the scandinavian countries are one. Three norwegian guys in a pub kept ranting their likes and dislikes about swedes. All can be seen under here. :)

We thank the danish and the next time the swede will go to Austria for a survey…

På Spåret starting today

Sweden has many traditions, but this one might be the biggest media-inspired one since Kalle Ankas Jul. I am talking about ”På Spåret”(”On the track”, if you so will). It’s a tv trivia-show where two teams with two contestants(famous swedish people) in each team sitting in two train cabins. The rules to the show is simple. It starts with a view from the cockpit of the train when it’s leaving the platform out of some random city. The team get clues on where the train is headed and the more clues they need, the less points they get when giving the correct answer. So, if you haven’t yet seen the show, tonight is your golden opportunity when the season starts.


The Swede going to Copenhagen

The people on The Swede are going on a field trip to Copenhagen, Denmark over the weekend to gather information on what danish people think of the swedish. The two parts have not always seen eye to eye on things so this shall be an interesting experience! =)

Match begun, hope soaked in, failure ensued

So, last night Sweden hosted Portugal in World Cup Qualifiers Play Off, and lost.
For it could have been an awesome night in Sweden, one certain Christiano Ronaldo messed it all up with a hat-trick. Sweden’s own Zlatan Ibrahimovic did 2 goals on his own, but to no avail.

For us, the swedish people…well, we watched the game, soaked our brains in whiskey and woke up the next morning smelling like farts and sweat in a Sweden’s national team shirt.

Congratiulations Portugal!

For the yellow and blue, we aim instead for the European Championsship 3 years from now.


The great party is on the horizon

Tomorrow swedes from all over the country, all over the world even, will gather in yellow and blue shirts, drinking, shouting, cheering and in the end probably walk home crying. I am talking ofcourse about football. Sweden has made it to the second playoff match against Portugal and tomorrow the two teams will meet to see who will conquer the last spot in the World Cup played in Brazil summer of 2014.

Sweden has their most sparkling star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic…but the portugese have Christiano Ronaldo. There can be only one…